Interview with Twista

Interview with Twista

You became known for fast-spitting. How much do you think the lyrical content actually suffers from rapping fast?

No, the lytrical content don’t suffer a lot because nowadays. Because nowadays they pay more attention to the beat more than they do to vocal sometimes. I came from the era when they paid attention to the vocals first. So really us spitting they way we do let the fans know that we still care about the lyrics to be so intricate with it. I think the fans respect it now.

You come from Chicago, the city of Kanye, Lupe, Common and Rhymefest. It’s a city known for its lyricism. How much do you think about every single line you spit as opposed to just the natural flow?

It’s both. Some of it just flow out ‘cause you just feeling it and it’s a good vibe because of what you saying. And some of it you really gotta think about what you want your fans to hear. As far as what you saying or as far as being dope so it’s both ways.

What caused you to squash the beef with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony?

You gotta hear, Twista is doing his thing. Gotta get rid of the whole thing ‘cause we was young. We was trying to stake the claim on the style we were doing and we felt was original. It hurted everyone to see what everybody was doing. Even my man Treach from Naughty by Nature was involved in the whole thing. But you know we squashed our beef, you know, us and the Mid-West. We had to squash because people from outher cults get together and do their thing and get money. So man we doing the video for Spit Your Game watching that money so we said from this point we gotta make that money ourselves and they got to join on my album or we got to join on their album because its Mid-West.

Are you leaving Atlantic for Def Jam after this album?

I don’t know nothing about that. I don’t know what’s gonna happen I’m just chilling. Right now I’m just trying to blow the new album up, Adrenaline Rush ’07, dropping in September. Nation Business. The Monster album, dropping 3 months after that. Be looking for the Midwest movement. We here.