Interview with Sean P.

Interview with Sean P.

Your own album dropped, how has your life changed since then?

I’m good, I’m chilling. Look at my new sneakers (laughs).

We’ve been seeing a lot more of you recently. How do you feel?

I love it. Things getting better. Things get better means new business. I welcome that. I hope it gets really crazy for me.

How has the reception been for your album so far?

Oh man, everybody’s loving Jesus Price for the most part. You always got people that don’t like it but for the most part it’s good. I just dropped mixtape with Master P. it’s crazy. I got a lot of joints, a lot of songs with features on different n—-a shit, you know I mean? I’m on Big Shug new album. Leg Breakers. That’s the toughest record out right now. And I ain’t saying it ‘cause I’m on it. when I first heard it the shit is just tough. I heard Big Twins from Infamous Mobb on there, they voice is crazy. I was kinda intimidated to do the joint, ‘cause their voice is crazy ill. But I went in and had fun.

It was right at home for you then, right up your alley?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Real at home. Shug is dope.

With all the things you are doing do you feel you can change the Hip Hop scene in NY?

I hope so. I’m not trying to change it really. I try to make what I do just as acceptable as everything else. You don’t have to shut down one thing to accept another. You can have that kind of rap but just have my kind of rap too. I just want in. I don’t wanna take noone out. I just want in. Know what I mean? I want you to listen to their shit. Do that. But at the same time put my shit on next. That’s all.

So used to call yourself ‘the brokest rapper’. Is that life behind you now?

Yeah. I had 2 good years, you know I mean? And I’m not stupid with my money, so yeah, I’m good.

Did you become of a family person now?

Yeah, I got my wife with me, got my kids here. We chilling. Success makes success. It’s all good.

You’re working on a new album now too?

I’m working with Guilty Simpson and Black Milk. And I’m doing another Heltah Skeltah album. After that then Imma do my new solo album.

Has your fan base changed?

Same fan base. Everybody treat me the same. I still got the same amount of friends. I don’t make new friends. People are tight.