Interview with Ray Lavender

Interview with Ray Lavender
You just finished off the Keyshia Cole tour?

Yes, I did and it was an extraordinary event.

How was your experience with it? Keyshia was where you are just a year ago. Are you following in her foot steps or making your own way?

I’m making my own way but it was extraordinary to do that with her because it makes me feel like I’m another caliper artist and I like that. It raised me up a little bit. I get to say that I did a tour with Keyshia Cole. It brings you another level of confidence that’s added to the spectrum. It felt great to even say that I was on the Keyshia Cole tour.

You’re going on the R. Kelly tour also?

Yeah, you know what? I think I’m getting accepted for that. I got a lot of stuff to do with Akon but they want me to come on the R. Kelly tour.

How do you feel about that?

R. Kelly is my mentor. That’s like a dream come through right there.

How is it going at Konvict?

Oh, my G-d. Akon pays my bills (chuckles). It’s great. It’s a wonderful look for me, feels good, Akon takes care of me. If I need anything Akon is right there for me, music-wise and financial-wise, spiritual-wise and mental-wise.

Are you doing stuff with Brick & Lace?

Their project is done already. They’ll be on the Konvict tour with us. That’ll be early next year.

How would you describe Ray Lavender in a few words?

Sexy reality, man. I don’t beat around the bush. If it happened to me I’m gonna say it.

Truth about what?

The reality of life. Truth about the day-to-day. You know, like gas prices are going up. Social issues too as well as ladies. I go through a lot. My life it gets funny at times. It gets real. So I have to speak the truth.

So where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I’m trying to do movies, be on the screen. I wanna do voice-overs, I wanna be a cartoon character (laughs). I wanna take the world by storm.