Interview with Rakim (2007)

Interview with Rakim

End of the tour, how was your experience on it?

It was a good thing man. A little different with a live band. A little more… I don’t wanna say freedom cause you’re always free on stage, but with the band you can like do different things. You can do different sounds, you know, you can change up an old classic.

How have you been able to preserve the genuine sound of Rakim with the band thou?

The thing that made the chemistry work was all the music that I rhyme off is sample music. I always use live band, sample it up. Just taking same element and instead of having that record sampled up just play it out so everything worked out kind of good.

Like you said yourself ‘Everybody wants to know when the album’s coming out’…

No doubt. Early January we should have it ready. We should drop the single a little bit before that and the album should drop January at the latest February.

Who are you releasing it through?

My own label, Ra Records. Hope you all enjoy listening to it.