Interview with Raekwon (02/09/2008)

Interview with Raekwon

8 Diagrams tour brought you all together. Where is your heart right now?

I’m here right now, you knaw what I mean? But tomorrow may be a different situation. I’m just feeling good because everyone around me is feeling good.

Are you focusing more on Wu-Tang on your solo career now?

I’m just focusing on being out there, knaw I mean? I want people to see me, see my energy, see what I’m doing. I’m just being a walking promotional thing.

RZA was absent tonight. Why was that?

‘Cause he didn’t wanna come. He might be going through a little changes or whatever. It’s cool thou, knaw I mean? You know he’s still here.

I heard you talking about your new album coming out also?

Yeah, I’m working on Only Built for Cuban Linx Part II album. Right there is an album that a lot of people gave me a lot of medals for. They gave me a medal for that album so I’m gonna make sure I come back with another album that they gonna consider giving me another medal for.

Is it gonna have that street feel like you talk about?

It’s the real thing. I mean it’s not for Rae, knaw I mean? I ain’t write for this album… the King, knaw I mean? This album is for n—-s 25 and up. It ain’t that kinda album for little n—-s, knaw I mean? They don’t even understand what I spit, ‘cause I spit for grown men. This definitely a street album, champion hoody album. These little n—-s right here (points at kids sitting next to him) this ain’t for ‘em. I catch these n—-s with the album… they need education right now. This one right here is different.

Are you trying to educate kids and show them there is more to it than they see out there now?

I mean I’m just making movies, B. I’m making movies on wax. I’m gonna continue being the best until I get to that Marvin Gaye [status]. I get that Marvin Gaye respect then Imma sit back and feel like I accomplished something. I still got a lot to learn. I’m just becoming a more stringer man now. So Imma take my time with it. Just keep it right.

You won’t stop your game anytime soon then?

I can’t stop. I mean I’m still ill and I ain’t saying some bullshit. I still love writin’, gettin’ on the mic, so I’ll keep doing till I can’t do it no more. Just basically be the best I can be right now. I don’t wanna stop, I mean, there’ll be a time that I’ll probably stop but right now I already made an oath that I’ll drop 50 albums. 50 is a lot of albums but I feel [I can do it]. N—-s say we legendary now, yeah, it’s cool. I fuck with the legendary crew. Before I reach where I wanna be… I ain’t get there yet. When I get to that 50 album joints that where Imma be like ‘Yo, that’s a lot of heat’.