Interview with Mya

Interview with Mya

You gained a lot of popularity in the 90s. Recently the R&B scene changed a great deal. How have you changed as a performer?

I’ve gotten stronger I’d say, as time goes by, a lot more confident on stage. I keep it honest, make the show more entertaining, because it’s lost. I fight for that. As you said a lot has changed. I try to incorporate some kind of live music no matter what kind of a show I do.

Your previous album came out in 2003. What should we expect from Liberation?

It’s a step into a very personal side of Mya hat I have never exposed before. Through song writing, through my personal experiences. I’d definitely say that it’s the most revealing album in how I deal with situations and it’s very strong and aggressive lyrically. It’s pretty honest (laughs).

You’ve collaborated with Lil Wayne on this new album. How was the experience of working with a Southern act?

It was really fun, you know? Lil Wayne has a lot of energy. He’s so quick to do everything he does. We had a lot of fun making the video. We shot it in Houston while he was on tour. It was a little complicated getting a hold of him for that. But he has a lot of energy and made the song a lot more fun.

Besides singing, you have also acted in several movies. How do you compare your experience as singer vs an actress?

I think the actress Mya has always been very confident in taking extreme risks. Because my name Mya, which is my birth name, is attached to me being a singer that I’ve been very aware of and maybe overanalyzed situations because it’s a reflection of who I am as a person. While acting is a reflection of character. And I have that freedom to go many different places.

You have frequently brought sexually suggestive images and lyrics to your game, from Lady Marmalade to posing for Maxim and King magazines. How much of the sexy Maya image is just for show as opposed to you simply expressing yourself?

Well being a woman you are naturally sexy. And I have to say not all of my songs are sexually suggestive but there are a couple like All About Me and My Love is Like… Wo and of course the collaboration Lady Marmalade but you know I have some very deep songs like Lie Detector and Moving On, that’s very heartfelt where it’s a conscious decision to make a change in your life, but I love the balance. In entertainment it’s called show business and I definitely have a lot to show and I feel very confident doing that. Yes! (laughs)