Interview with Mobb Deep

Interview with Mobb Deep


You put out your own mixtape, so did Havoc. Are you doing more independent work now rather than together as Mobb Deep?

Basically we doing our thing, getting that bread, you know? Independent bread keeping it moving. We be getting that Blood Money over at G Unit, counting on that Blood Money. Basically showing n—s love, like ya all n—s gonna get ya all money. It wasn’t trying to hold n—s up with albums and all that. So we out here doing our thing with solo careers. Mob Deep always there, we ain’t going nowhere.

Do you feel you express yourself better doing solo work or working together as Mobb Deep?

We express ourselves better period! Anytime we touch the mic, anytime we expressing ourselves fullest all the time, know I’m sayin’? Better all the time.

How is your experience at G Unit now? Do you feel you reach more people now?

Ain’t nothin’ really changed, Mobb Deep is all Mobb Deep, know I’m sayin’? you can’t take nothin’ from it, you can’t really add nothin’ to it. it is what it is. We already a mo—-f—ing statue, like in Central Park. It’s different. We permanent. We ain’t goin’ nowhere.


Kush was your first album…

It wasn’t really an album, it was a mixtape.

How do you feel you express yourself differently from your previous work?

Basically how I feel at the moment is how I feel, that’s how I make songs, you know? Just minus P in most songs, but it’s still Mobb Deep. Look out for more to come. I got many more topics to touch on and that’s about it.

You’re well known for your production work but you don’t go outside Mobb Deep often. Why is that?

Most of the songs I really like to focus on Mobb Deep. I focus on my energy as Mobb Deep. ‘Cause that’s my baby, that’s my group, you know? That’s my first priority, I do it like that. Lately I been trying to go outside of the box and produce for other people, like 50, I’ll be working with The Clipse, like that.

Being a part of G Unit hard not to ask you: why do you think 50 lost to Kanye?

I think it was good for Hip Hop and it showed unity Hip Hop got on all levels.

Do you got an opinion yourself on those 2 albums?

I love both albums. But I’m on 50 side, you know? (laughs)

Unlike Buck and Banks you joined G Unit later. Do you feel like the same part of it thou?

It’s ‘cause we’re not G Unit. We on G Unit the label. Banks, Buck, 50, Yayo, that’s the original G Unit right there.

Is Mobb Deep doing a new album?
Yeah, as we speak. Right now we doing this show, that’s the only reason we are not working on it. but as soon as we leave here we head the studio.

For so many years you’ve been making music, how do you still diversify it?

It’s your passion, it’s your love. That’s the only way I can describe it.

How do you look at your fans now?

I love ‘em, you know what I’m saying? Whatever fan it is, whoever they are, how old they are, I love ‘em regardless. I mean without ‘em we wouldn’t be here.

You’ve mostly done production work without rapping. Do you feel you open up a different side of yourself when you rap?

It’s just something I decided to do. I express myself equally. Whether it’s putting the lyrics down or whether it’s making a beat, you know? I treat both of them the same. I give it my all.

Lastly, what were your feelings on the Saigon situation?

I look at it like this: me personally, just coming from Havoc, I feel like it’s unfortunate situation. We all artists out here trying to get it. I don’t think we should be beefing. Nobody should be beefing. We should be just about getting our money, ‘cause there is a lot of higher powers out here that’s watching us like ‘See, see?’. We just give people that criticize rap [power]. We give rap a bad rap and that’s what they want. It’s unfortunate situation. People need to settle their differences. You know I’m always ready to take the high road even if the other party isn’t willing to take the high road. It don’t matter to me. I’ll still live to see another day with or without Hip Hop. While I’m with Hip Hop I just wanna see everything go smooth.