Interview with MIMS

Interview with MIMS

You came onto the scene seemingly quickly. What was your path to this point?

I came into the game, in my opinion, no different than any other artist and that’s struggle and the grinding. To have one record blow up like this may seem like a quick path. There’s nothing quick about my career at all. I’ve been rapping since I was 13 years old. First I learned how to DJ, the turntables. Learning production when I was 15, 16… that may seem quick, but in reference to coming into the business very quickly, it definitely was not.

You integrate New York lyricism with Southern flow and beats. Was this an intentional thing or you just put the words you wrote with the music that appealed to you the most?

I put my words together before I hear the actual track. As far as the Southern stylist movement, I’m from Miami, so some of that from there. But I also think that the beat as a movement from every area just has to belong. I think it’s a great thing that I can adapt to every style or beat.

Coming from you, what makes Mims hot?

Confidence. I think confidence makes anyone hot. Believe in yourself, being sure of things, that’s a matter of confidence in my opinion. Gotta break it down. I’m Hot, the record, it’s not cause of how much money you have or how many cars you buy. It’s just about being confident. Whatever you feel good doing is what makes you.

You produce and rap. Which one do you enjoy more?

Right now it’s rapping, where I get the most enjoyment. I focused on that in the last few years, that’s what I enjoy the most. I have a lot of passion for music in general. Whether the engineering, producing, trying to get on the side and on a DJ system, I think I love each and every thing equally.

What should we expect from your new album besides the number 1 hit?

Expect a lot of diverse music, a lot of diverse records. This is Why I’m Hot appealed to people and I think the album is in that direction also. Not to mention it’s a very inspirational album. I like the music on it, it’s music that makes people feel good. You can also expect to get a personal look into my life. It’s just a collection of everything on that record.

Do you consider yourself a New York rapper or just an artist from New York?

I consider myself an artist and I think that my territory but first thing is my talent. So before I even put an area to my name, I will say first, I’m a Hip Hop artist.

Who are the other artists you look up to at this point?

I look up to almost anybody in music. I try to take the path of any person who applied the music. I grew up in the era of Biggies, Jay-Zs and Nas’, 2Pacs and Snoop Doggs and Dr. Dres. That was my era of music. Other than those names it’s probably Slick Rick. Slick Rick had a very diverse flag, so to speak, in music. I like that flag. I think a lot of artists can get a lot from a person like Slick Rick.

How is Capitol Records treating you?

The label is treating me great. You know, new coming into the system and becoming the priority is incredible and I’m definitely excited about the way I am being treated at Capitol now.

What are your plans for the future?

Remaining happy and remaining healthy. Those are the 2 biggest things in my life and those are the 2 things I worry about. I hope to continue to do music for as long as I can. I love it. I’ll probably get involved in music and clothing lines and things like that. I’m pretty sure the offers will be presented but at the same time my biggest goal that I want to accomplish is to remain happy and to remain healthy.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Other than the fact I’m on tour now? Thank you to the fans for supporting the I’m Hot record and making it a huge record and breaking down the walls and boundaries with this record. I’m gonna be around for a minute so definitely look out for me.