Interview with Method Man

Interview with Method Man

You do solo work, also with Wu Tang and you act. Right now, what is taking the main role in your life?

Wu-Tang. Just working on 8 Diagrams, a little acting on the side, as far The Wire. That’s contractual stuff right there, I’m on a contract with them.

When you put out your last album you didn’t come out with a video for it or even the leading single. Why is that?

The video was partially my fault and the radio play was partially my fault also. What happened with the video, they brought treatments but I wasn’t feeling any of the treatments and at the same time, the single they came out first for me, it wasn’t the single that I wanted to go with. So in the midst of messages being crossed and people bad influenced the label felt I wasn’t 110% behind the single so we parted ways with it. That’s where it was at.

You had some issues with the label when the album just dropped. Are you feeling better about things now or is your faith in Def Jam gone?

I got support from them in certain areas. They work hard. Everybody in that label they work very hard at what they do and I mean it’s sorta like when there’s a change in the regime, a change in the staff and things like that, everybody needs to get used to what they doing at first. So you’re gonna have a few bad parts here and there. And I’m willing to take one for the team to make sure everything else goes right from now on.

You are working with Wu-Tang on a new album now. What should we expect from 8 Diagrams?

Just the same energy we came on the first project but a little bit more grown manish.