Interview with Marley Marl

Interview with Marley Marl

First off, how did this union come together?

Basically it came from one phone call. KRS called me up on the phone from Koch Records. He was like ‘Yo, I’m doing a new album. Would you like to be involved in any way?’ we figured it would be hot. Making a classic in 2007 so we decided to do this album. That’s how it all came about, in one phone call.

How does it make you feel that you essential squashed Hip Hop’s first beef?

It feels good. If anything about it, we never knew the type of history we were making. We was doing it for the love of what we were doing. Just so happened that we were making history. That’s a blessing.

How does MC Shan feel about it? Is he happy for you?

He is like ‘Yo, make it work.’ Knaw I’m saying? Because Shan and everybody recognizes the success of what me and Kris did. Its everybody’s success, we’re hostiry. We kinda like almost the last 2 in the light. So we just wanna restart the history. It is good for everybody.

What is going on with you nowadays outside of this album?

I work at Choice FM in UK. I’m also in studio right now with Craig G., finishing his album. Plus I’m going on iTunes. We remastering. Using a lot of the instrumentals and the mixes. We in the move, we doing our thing.

Right now producers are bigger than rappers a lot of times. How do you feel about that after laying ground for this to be possible?

It’s a beautiful thing. Knaw I’m saying? It’s like I laid the tracks. I feel that it’s good because, if in my life I can do something that someone else can pick up on or do what they have to do with it, it’s a great thing. I was one of the first glorified producers in Hip Hop and opened the doors for a lot of producers coming up. Think about it. People didn’t know who a lot of the producers are on a lot of their records throughout 60s, 70s and to the 80s. So it’s a privilege to have that genre wide open for some more people.

Do you work with the newer, more commercial acts also?

I always do remixes with various artists. I always do it for Power 105. It’s what I do. I still keep current. Every year I’ll drop a new album with a new mix for them cats, with somebody new on it. That’s how I keep myself alive.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

It’s gonna be a joy to play [tonight]. It’s gonna be dope. Look forward to the KRS/Marley Marl album and more things. This won’t be the only thing we will do together. It’s a guarantee.