Interview with Lyfe Jennings

Interview with Lyfe Jennings
You’re getting pretty active with a lot of things, what’s going on right now?

We’re just doing our thing right now. My new album is coming out in February. I just dropped a new single for it. ‘Lil Wayne, Wyclef… just to name a few, you know? That’s what’s popping right now. We are doing a tour this year, our first tour coming out of this album.

People say you make beautiful music. What is your definition of beautiful music?

My personal opinion people make beautiful music when they do something in them they just didn’t have a chance to bring it out yet.

What do you bring out when you make music?

Just seeing different people, different things that happen in my life. Shortcomings, blessings, you wanna speak of them so someone else doesn’t make the same mistake.

Is there anything you wanna tell your fans now?

I definitely wanna say look out for my new album, February 6th. I just wanna say value your life man. When you while your life you do things that are responsible social, physical and you will see success socially, physically and economically.