You are The Teacha, the messenger of Hip Hop and much more. What is the single most powerful message that you would send out to space if you could?

Grow up.

In terms of what?

Everything! You said ‘space’. Grow up! In the year 2100 they’re gonna need to hear the same message. Grow up!

In terms of moving forward?

No, mature! If you are the same person you were a year ago, you’re not going anywhere. If you are doing the same thing you did when you was 10 years old, or 20, depending on what your age is, you’re not going anywhere. Nature is about development and growth. Not about stagnation and repetition. The one thing nature shows us is it’ll keep doing the same thing and then all of a sudden, boom!, the mutation. The mutation its strong enough, it outlives everything else. We’ve got to grow.

What is the strongest part of your personal nature?


Love for people in general or specific people?

Yep. All of it. Love for all.

You were talking of TV appearances earlier. You are very positive in your messages. You made a TV appearance with 50 Cent not too long ago, man who is known for negative messages. How did it make you feel sitting next to him, talking to him about the same topics?

He is my man. I don’t know these artists the way the public may know them. I know them when they were kids, watching from side of a stage, you know? 50 is my apprentice. He grew up with me. He is who he is. 50 is a drug dealer from Queens. I know his whole crew. When we were in Latin Quarters you’d see them in Latin Quarters ‘Yaw, KRS, yaw!’ (mimicking their noises). ‘Yo, we gotta get off the corner. Yo, Kris.’ Then they go right back to Queens. Do whatever they doing. So when I look at 50 now, he knows what the deal is. Take Snoop. He just got off the stage. Same thing. Snoop never claimed to be anything but a G. That’s it, gansta. (laughs) But of course, he gets off the stage, he respects The Teacha. He comes over, says ‘Teacha, am I doing a good job?’ He asked for my approval right there. And I sanctioned him. Why? Because he’s growing. You don’t shoot a man when he’s coming out. You try to water the flower and let it come up. So, 50, I don’t think he is a negative influence by the way, I think he is growing. His last album, Curtis, I think was a testament to his growth. He is trapped. He needs that money. He’s about his money. His album is holding the whole Interscope together right now. he gotta be about his money right now. He can’t be KRS-1. He can not. He will ruin himself. He will ruin Hip Hop. If he tries to now be conscious and be positive…

Like killing New York Hip Hop with Piggybank? Yeah, he gotta keep it going…

Now, wait a minute. He didn’t kill New York Hip Hop. When he came out New York Hip Hop was dead already. You know who killed New York Hip Hop? Funkmaster Flex! That’s who killed New York Hip Hop. Hip Hop was already dead. 50 actually brought New York Hip Hop back with his first album, Get Rich or Die Trying. That’s a classic. That’s criminal-minded.

Another question, first off my condolences for your son. Secondly, on this subject, what would you say to children to give them the power to be strong, to persevere, to deal with their own issues and come on top?

Well, you know, I hope you take this the right way. I’m a philosopher by trade. I teach my children not to fear death. If you’re sick of this world get out of it. One of my children took my advice. Why would I be sad? I live on both sides. I live in the spirit realm for real. I don’t front with that. Call it mysticism, call it a cult, call it whatever it is, I’m there. And I live in the material world. Like this I operate on both levels. So whether my son is with me here or there, he’s still with me.

Is there a message you would send thou?

No. there’s no message that I can give. Be truthful to yourself. Do not fear death. Suicide may be your answer.