Interview with Ju-Ju

Interview with Ju-Ju

You and Les always been together. How do you 2 work? Are there specific thing that you do and others Les?

I mean we both producers, so we both constantly making music. We both have home studios so we’re always creating individually. Then when it’s time to record an album we just collaborate and put stuff together. We pick from each other’s stuff and write songs together. It’s always been a collaborative effort.

Do you consider yourself more of a producer or rapper?

I don’t know. I don’t really like to label myself anyone of those things, you know? I enjoy it all. I like to DJ too. I went to Japan recently, in April, to DJ a couple of gigs. Osaka and Tokyo. We come from an era when you love Hip Hop you did it all. You fucking MC’ed, you DJ’ed, you danced, you wrote graffiti. I guess I kinda still carry that ‘do it all’.

There are not a lot of Latin artists in Hip Hop. What are your thoughts on that?

I don’t know. Me growing up in Hip Hop I kind of always saw it. Not so much in the grassroots but the influence is always there. I know in our music definitely it comes out. I grew up listening to salsa, cumbia, merenge, everything. A lot of the samples I use and the ideas, rhythmic equations, have a lot of Latin feeling in them. I think it’s always in there, you just hear it.

Are you a Latin artist in Hip Hop or a Hip Hop artist who just happens to be Latin?

I think I’m a Hip Hop artist who just happens to be Latin. I don’t think its fair to say I’m a Latin Hip Hop artist, cause I never put that first. I’m proud of that fact, even to have come this far. Just to be able to achieve the success that we have and to say that I’m Latin makes me very proud.

Are you working on a new album now?

We are working on a new Beatnuts’ album. I might be putting out a junk yard Juju instrumental album with maybe a few songs on it, but not right now. [the Beatnuts’ album] we’re hoping [to release] early next year or maybe Christmas release. We got tons of music.

Are you looking for a new label now?

SONY is talking to us, trying to get us back over there. We also have a lot of independent labels. We’ll keep our fingers crossed but right now we are just worried about making a good record. At the end of the day I’ll put it out myself if I have to.