Interview with J*Davey

Interview with J*Davey

Your style of music seems to combine a lot of different genres. What do you call it?

We call it a post Hip-Hop, Funk-Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Soul, did I already say Hip Hop? Its just a fusion of a whole bunch of different things. It’s also a little like an electronic Kawabanga music in a way. High sun and blue skies and beach and all of that.

How much Hip Hop influence is in your music specifically?

There is a big Hip Hop influence in programming, in a way the drums have that kind of slap feel, you know I’m saying? A little Dilla, a little old school. We are the the Hip Hop generation. We’re early 80s kids, so it’s gonna come through that. I grew up listening to Public Enemy and NWA and stuff, so… I have that side to me too, you know? Ha-ha!

Where do you enjoy the audience more, LA or New York?

Don’t get me in trouble now! Honestly, wherever we are on stage it’s always a good time. even if people don’t really get into it, you know? LA is full of ‘too cool for school’ people where people are gonna come and even if they love you they gonna just sit in the audience and act like they don’t. and New York is full of people where there’re really into it sometimes and other times they’re not. I mean it just dpends on the climate but anywhere we gonna do a show it’s always gonna be great ‘cause I’m always gonna put my all into it so it’s all that matters to me.

Are you more influenced by East Coast or West Coast music?

I think neither. We’re just… we listen to a lot of New Wave and a lot of post-Punk and the Jazz fusion and soul. Its not an East Coast or West Coast thing, we are influenced like the West Coast kind of riots with the laid-back beat and the roughness of the East Coast music, how hard that is. There’s no telling. It’s a fusion of so many different things.

What’s the creative process like with you and your partner?

He and I we have such great synergy, it’s just like he can get in his zone and do a track… our connection is like a marriage. I give him space to do what he does which is program and produce and then it’s magical. He’ll give it to me and I just know how to navigate the picture that he’s painting. It just kind of happens on its own. Its not like we have to put a lot of work into it. It’s synchronic. It’s easy.

You’ve done shows with The Roots and Marsha (Ambrosius) tonight. What is the cause for this diversity?

A lot of people love us. I don’t know what it’s about. I guess when you put good stuff out there then good people will find it and support you. So we are lucky to just have people pay attention to us and want us to do shows with such great musicians. We had the courtesy to rock with Prince in Vegas and he’s like our biggest idol, like ultimate. And he invited us to play with him and its just such an amazing experience. It puts everything we do in perspective. We put in the work, we always put in 200%, and as long as you do that it’s gonna come back 10-fold.

Are you working on an album now?

We’re working on our new album, we just got signed to Warner Brothers. So we are starting to work on that project now. It’s funny, the project that we already have that we’re about to put out, are all about getting laid and I was just trying to meet boys and get laid. All of the music we are working on now is a little more conscious, a little more mature. And we actually have the time and the space and the money now to put more of an effort into it. Horizons are opening up, we’re talking about things we weren’t even thinking about 2 years ago.

How much is J Davey a rebel and how much a creative fusion we discussed before?

J Davey is all rebel. It’s all about sticking it to the man! For us anyway. Cause what we do is just so diverse and the way we do is so unique that its all rebel.

Beautiful lady, so the questions begs to be answered, are you single?

Yeah, sure. I’m totally single. I love meeting people and I love hanging out with people of the opposite sex. Who doesn’t?

For a girl who sings a lot about sex, what kind of a guy interests you?

You know what? I’m an equal opportunity employer. I don’t have a type. One day you can see me with one dude and with a complete opposite the next. So, I just like experimenting and learning new things from other people. Like I said earlier, broadening my horizons and you can get that through romance and different types of people. I’m a hopeless romantic. I’m in love with love. I think it’s beautiful but I’m always looking for the right match. So until then I’m just having a good time.

Is there anything you’d like to add to that?

I’m just happy to be doing this. I’m happy to make a living this way and have people come out and respect what we do. Its something that I never imagined. It’s surreal, I can’t even believe this. Every day is like a dream, ‘Am I really doing this?’ I just gotta keep my feet on the ground. We’ll see I guess.