Interview with Ginuwine

Interview with Ginuwine

Being one of the most popular and recognized R&B artists, what is your opinion on today’s state of R&B music? Is the current R&B just the new pop music?

I can speak only for myself when it comes to R&B. I will keep it going no matter what and am personally very optimistic of what lies ahead.

What do you think of today’s R&B stars like Ne-Yo and Chris Brown?

I definitely love them. I hope to do some work together with them in the future.

Ladies is your primary audience. How do you compare yourself to other performers with similar fans, like R. Kelly or LL Cool J?

There is noone like me out there. R. Kelly is the best at what he does. LL Cool J is the best at what he does. I am the best at what I do. I am simply different.

Where does Ginuwine fit in now?

I’ve grown as an artist over the years. My fans have grown with me. I am happy with where I am now.

How did you change since the days when you worked with Timbaland?

I no longer work with Timbaland. But my work is the same. My music is the same. I am hoping to work with Timbaland again soon.

So what is next for R&B in your opinion?

I think it will open back up. The public needs to demand that change, but I am sure of it. The industry needs more artists like me. Artists who bring real music and talk about real things.