Interview with Ghostface (11/30/2007)

Interview with Ghostface

What do you think of nowadays when you do new music?

G-d, I guess, you knaw I mean? Music, good music, good beats, that’s the drive for me. Just the love for the sport, that’s what I love to do.

You’re doing a show with Rakim today, of the greatest ever, how does it make you feel?

It’s like a legend right here… we used to move drugs and shit but to be on the same stage, the same mic, it’s a blessing. I’m just happy to be here and do what we do and warm the microphone for him, you feel me?

Your own new album, what’s the date on that?

December 4th. The Big Doe Rehab will be in stores.

What should we expect from that?

You can expect that shit. That’s all I’m saying, that shit.

Will it be like Fishscale?

Different. Stronger. More street-minded.

So you’re rolling it back a bit now?

Tremendously. That’s what they want and that’s what it is.

Whose production’s on it?

Sean C. did like 7 tracks, Anthony Acid one track, Scram Jones, and some others.

What song should we look out for?

Celebrate, me and Kid Capri. That’s what it is baby.