Interview with Fabulous

Interview with Fabulous

You’ve just switched labels and are coming out with a new album. How have you changed since Real Talk?

Personally I’ve grown a little bit, you know? I try to look at the whole situation as far as being a man. As far as musically I try to better my craft of making music. Other than tha, I’m pretty much the same kind of guy. Some things changed over the last 3 years, I’ve grown, but still the same guy.

What are the main parts to your new album?

First of all it’s just good music. Second of all there is a little bit of growth on it. Being able to diverse the music. Everybody and their mother tries to do their music, but for me it’s about being true to myself with this album.

Do you feel the album was affected by postponing it several times?

Not really. The only thing we made sure that we came out with a good album, you know? A lot of changes took place [as it was delayed], we didn’t want to release it earlier. We actually got a little less songs that there were gonna be at first. Just to make it more complete. First I wanted to give people 17, 18 tracks, but then it went down to about 15 or so.

What is your experience like at DefJam?

It’s been great so far. I’m a new artist here. Not new in a sense of being brand new to make an album but as far as being involved in the DefJam family. They did a pretty good job at making me feel welcomed and introducing me to everything I delivered. That’s what happened. They were working with me on the album.

You have a lot of guest appearances on the album. Do you feel like it’s diluted because of that or it just makes it better?

I think it just enhanced my album. Those features were all [great]. It didn’t take anything away from it, just made it better.

You are part Dominican. How often do you integrate your Latin roots into your music?

I try to put a little bit of what I can. I was born here. I really all came from my black history. That’s who I am. I feel definitely closer to that.

How much attention do you dedicate to lyricism as opposed to the beats?

Lyricism is key element to me. I try to make sure that I do what I can with the lyrics. That’s is what, for me, can distinguish my stuff from everything else.

You’ve done a lot of music with other artists. Are any of them specifically impacted you the most?

Of course my collaboration with Lil’ Mo did a lot for me ‘cause that’s what opened the doors for me, you know?

What’s going on with your upcoming clothing line?

We just [dealt] with that. We are manufacturing it through the company that’s will start producing it to the masses. We signed with them because right now we really got things going on across the country. So we are just opening more doors for it now. You can get more info for it at and can see everything there now.

Are you getting into any other endeavors outside of music?

For me I’m focusing on music now. I gotta do it because I have been out of it for a minute. I won’t take too much time away from music. Just for now its music and the clothing line. I got a couple of things on the table as far as television but now I am really looking just at music.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Just thank everyone for supporting me. Also got a mixtape coming called Gangsta Grills with DJ Drama. That should be dropping in a week or two.