Interview with Chubb Rock

Interview with Chubb Rock

After period of inactivity you’re getting active again. What brought you out?

We always been doing shows man, we never stopped doing shows. The shows we got is more underground but they got a great following and we just what we gotta do. We keep the Hip Hop movement alive. You can see what’s going on out there, the love we get for a record that’s 20 years old and better. That’s what I always wanted. This kind of music, this genre, been good to be, so Imma keep doing it till someone tell me I can’t do it no more.

The peak of your popularity was in the 90s. How does Chubb Rock fit into the scene of today’s music?

Me man, I like to rock with my audience. That’s my audience right there (points out side the backstage). I’m not trying to change my music. I get it for my son. I’ll buy it for him if it makes him feel good. Fan base that we created we got and that’s all I need. They are the reason for Hip Hop. We got Gospel or Jazz or Neo Soul and we gotta show them the music that we know and we love.

You chose Hip Hop over college, dropping out of a great school to do music. Years later are you happy with your choice?

Nah, man. I love everything I did. There is stuff left to do. It’s a beautiful day man. I know guys that went to medical school and left and they do who knows what now. Music came calling and I [answered that call].

Do you have new music coming out now?

New album coming out in April. The Grown and Sexy Theory. Just for that crowd right there. We must have recorded 200 songs but the album is gonna have like 15. It’s all for old school crowd, old school people.

Where can people go to get more information about you?

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