Idan Raichel Project brings the wonder of its music to NY once again

Idan Raichel Project brings the wonder of its music to NY once again

Rarely does an artist of this caliper, these talents and this diversity grace the world.

Idan Raichel combined his unique skills, passion for music and music knowledge all into one and gave everyone something truly exceptional, Idan Raichel Project. His music instruments are from Africa and Middle East and his band is comprised of artists from different parts of the world, from Ethiopia to Egypt. His sounds are nothing short of divine, his singers are majestic and the power of his music will take you far beyond any venue of his performance.

The secret to Idan’s music and his success is found in his roots. The land of Israel has been notoriously of the most troubled lands in the world for thousands of years. Young people of Israel are happy and smile one moment while ready to deal with numerous global issues troubling the country on daily basis. Surrounded by Arabic nations even with the US support this ancient land is filled with constant hate and danger. Everything from terrorist attacks on civilians to the high rate of unemployment makes Israel a hard land to enjoy. Its holy roots mean more to Jewish, Christian and Muslim people than any other land in the world. Its lack of natural resources makes it that much more dependent on economic and political connections. Israel represents dozens of languages, cultures and movements on day-to-day basis.

In this diverse and incredibly complex environment Israeli people and people from all over the world love the music of Idan Raichel Project. Representing a variety of languages, comprised of artists from all over the world from Middle East to Africa, using ancient instruments and speaking the words of love and free thought the Project tours non-stop all over the world.

Expressing his feelings through music more than through speeches Idan does not interview with the same passion as he plays. He chooses his words carefully and jokes with a share of constrain. Still, when the stage time is upon him there is a little kid behind the piano and a band full of talent and fire to back him up.

The saga continues.