Hip Hop lives through us all (KRS, Fat Joe, Ice T and many more, with Marley Marl interview)

Hip Hop lives through us all (KRS, Fat Joe, Ice T and many more, with Marley Marl interview)

Hip Hop Lives, said KRS-1 and Marley Marlwith the title of their album. The Bridge Wars of the 80’s are gone and past and Hip Hop’s greatest rivalry resulted in an instant classic, before the album even sold the first copy. 20 years past, but some things remain constant. Dope music will always be dope music. KRS spitting rhymes? Marley Marl producing? Using the words of Rakim: ‘Ask the kids what they definition of Classic is’. They said the same thing as Nas, just used different words to make sure there’s no misunderstanding.

You can read more about the significance of the album here: The Feud Is Ova: KRS and Marley Marl new album out May 22nd. To celebrate the album release, the unforeseen MC/DJ combo, Kris/Marley, did a couple of shows together. The one in New York, home to these artists, seemed like a birthday party for Hip Hop. The night unfolded with a most incredible speed. The stage of Irving Plaza got almost all of New York’s finest at the same time.

KRS-1 justified his title of Teacha as always speaking of the negative commercial tendencies in music, corporations controlling the industry and the people’s needs and misfortunes. His main message was ‘Peace, Love, Unity’ thou. “Just look at the unity, love and culture on stage tonight!” speaking of principles and beliefs he gave it his all that night and never stopped smiling. Being happy as a little kid was his motto all night long. The energy was absolutely crazy all night long. From having gathered some of the most phenomenal talents in New York to getting the crowd constantly involved, Grandmaster KRS-1 seemed to be having one of the best nights of his life.

Fat Joe was the hype man for KRS at this show. It’s been a long time and as KRS-1 said pointing at Joe: ‘This guy is rich!’ Some things last forever thou. Joe was thrilled to say the least to be the #2 guy on that stage.

He also got almost everyone on the mic. Ice-T, Busy Bee, Grandmaster Caz, Craig G. from Juice Crew, Hakeem from Channel Live, Joell Ortiz, DJ Premier, O.C. from D.I.T.C., Red Alert and many more got to speak or spit on that stage. Behind the turntables there were: Marley Marl, Red, Alert, DJ Premier, DJ Precision of the X-Ecutioners and others got a chance to showcase their skills.

This was without a doubt one of the greatest shows in the history of Hip Hop. And just as the album itself, it was an instant classic.