From Nothing to Something: dope music has no limits (with Fabulous interview)

From Nothing to Something: dope music has no limits (with Fabulous interview)

The background on Fabulous is filled with plenty of information. Yet, how much is known about this rapper? Besides the fact that girls go crazy for his music and guys try to look like him there is very little information out on his likes and dislikes, personal life and so on. Grammy-nominated for a song with Christina Milian, he’s seen plenty of commercial success. His last album also introduced Young Jeezyto masses, with the Do the Damn Thing video. Challenged to a rap battle, along with Jay-Z, by John Cena he made the non-music headlines (and declined the invitation, of course), but who is John Jackson, besides being Fabulous’ legal name?

Talking to WORDSnTUNESin his interview, he seems to be a very well-balanced person, not at all reserved but very down-to-earth. Very little slang and absolutely no bravado makes it seem as if it’s not a rapper with several #1 hits, but just an average guy talking to you. Polite, chill and very informal he gives information in a detailed and seemingly revealing manner, yet without divulging anything not known to all the tabloids already. When at the end of 2006 Fab was shot and wounded he didn’t even try to make a publicity stunt out of it, similar to 50 Centor Beanie Siegel. It’s almost as if nothing interests him but his music. When he said that he’s been dating someone for the past 2 years it was a shock to most, who only associated Fab with his music and not his manly endeavors.

Taking a break from albums, he just dropped From Nothin’ to Somethin’ and immediately got #1 hits. Then again, this is the man whose single Breathe rocked the radio waves and car speakers for years after its release. This last album brought Diamonds with Young Jeezy, Make Me Better with Ne-Yo, Baby Don’t Go with T-Pain and Change Up with Akon. The list of colabs on the album includes 19 different artists from Jay-Z to Swizz Beatz, from Lloydto Rhiannaand more.

Feeling cozy and comfy on his new label, DefJam, he also got his own clothing line now. Talking of being away from the world of music for too long, he seems to have definitely missed it all. He’s also clearly been missed by his fans who won’t stop spinning his new records all over the country as the album only dropped a week ago. First week sales in the US alone were 159,000 thou.

His personality, his approach, his view of the world may still be in the shadows. Yet, this Brooklyn rapper is definitely making the New York better, proving that dope music can be commercial and truly has no limits.

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