Even more fish (with Ghostface interview)

Ghostface Killah’s serving up New York just like he always has. He’s bringing some of the most raw and untamed character mixed with the most elaborate lyricism and unparalleled delivery skills. Tony Starks got no time to waste. His efforts never go in vain. Mixing the storytelling ability of Raekwonwith the energy of Method Man, delivery of GZAand mystique of RZA, he embodies all of what made Wu-Tang by far the favorite New York group. He does it for the Wu but brings his own angst of a man who needs to be heard. He’s no KRS-1, who spends time educating people on Hip Hop. Yet, there are very few, if any, other performers who represent New York the way he does.

Ghostface is not old school. He’s making more and better albums than most of the newbies. More Fish was one of the most lyrically diverse records of all time and Shakey Dog off of his Fishscale was the most slept on track of all 2006. He’s doing shows all over the world and in New York on the constant. He’s contribution to the Wu’s upcoming 8 Diagrams can not be described in a single sentence and he is working on a new solo album himself. His conscious and at the same time entertaining songs mix with his very emotional delivery to create non-stop classics.

In 2007 there is so much more than just dope music to Ghostface Killah. He opened GFK Poker, the only poker community created for Hip Hop. Some play Hold’Em, some play Hip Hop, but this is for those who want to play both! GFK Poker represents much more than a gambling community. It is a way of life for those who would rather watch Don’t Be a Menace in South Central While Drinking Your Juice in The Hood than Rounders.

Look out for the July 28th and 29th Rock the Bells shows on Randalls Island with Wu-Tang Clanand Rage Against the Machine and the BK Hip Hop Festival with GHOSTFACEon June 23rd.

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