Erica R

Name:Erica R

Location: Bronx, NY

Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino

Height: 5’3

Bust: 34

Waist: 28

Hip: 43

Experience: Experienced

Type of work: Glamour,Swimsuit/Lingerie,Print,Fashion

About Erica R

Who is Erica R?

Well I was born and raised in the South Bronx, NY. The Oldest of 3 siblings and the only female, I had to lead and set an example. Always went to school, kept good grades, always held down a job and did what I had to do. Though the South Bronx is where I was from, and still admire and love, I knew that there was much more for me out there. I Graduated college with a degree in Early Childhood Education (Yes I want to teach). Always remained humble and always focused. Two years ago I moved from the Bronx, to Staten Island, where I purchased my first home. Currently I’m looking into starting my own childcare business. I’m honest, loyal, I love to laugh, yet said to be very serious at times. I love to cook, travel, read and shop! I’ve been modeling less than a year. My family and close friends mean the world to me, and I believe they are what motivate me to be better at all I do. Though I always thought about modeling, and everyone said I had the look, I never really planned on pursuing it. Sometimes you need a push, and I had a few friends and of course my other half (Tone) to push me and for that I thank them now, because though the modeling game is beyond saturated, the little that I have done thus far, is just preparing me for all that is to come. So a big thanks not only to them, but of course to everyone that supports me, from fan mail, email etc! Keep on supporting me, because I really do appreciate it!

Erica’s Bio:

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