Emily King’s music fusion (with Emily King’s interview)

Emily King’s music fusion (with Emily King’s interview)

The palate of Emily King’s music is filled with all sorts of pretty colors. From the sharp sounds of the rock guitar to the soft tomes of gentle R&B to the funky vibrations of pop, at times you can almost see her through the smoky haze of a hip downtown jazz bar or on a small stage in a 70s-like freedom rally. If you were one of the lucky ones, you also got to see her (in reality, not the music-induced dreams) perform at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival this weekend. Smiling and radiating positive energy, Emily plays the guitar and the band’s behind her. Her music is calm and soothing, but it is also absolutely inspiring. Take the laid back approach of Jewel(in the 90s), mix it with the experimental and raw nature of Tori Amos, don’t be shy to add a pitch of Janice Joplin’s conviction and throw some of that sweet pain John Legend is famous for and you get the idea. Just so you know where Hip Hop comes from in her music, she got a track with BIG on her upcoming album as well.

Talking about John Legend, Emily just got back from touring with him all over the country. Only 20, she is seeing a lot of success already. Signed to J Records (a division of SONY Music) she gets enormous amount of support from them and is doing concerts everywhere from the NYC’s own SOBsto the House of Blues in Texas and Florida to even visiting Canada. And that is just in the next month! Add doing shows with Lyfe Jennings to that and you get the picture. She got her own ring tones, gets featured in VIBE VIXEN and has an opinion about everything (surprisingly, it is mostly pretty accurate).

Being the only female to perform at the 3rd Brooklyn Hip Hop Festivalshe holds her head up high as a proud female. Yet, there are no overly focused feminist sounds in her voice. “Just be your beautiful self. Women have a lot of power”, she says.

New artist, she has more accomplishments to herself than most by far. She may be too busy touring to build a site, but she is building something far greater every moment. Emily is building herself as a better artist, building her sound, her reputation, her fan base and she walks with confidence, yet humbly. August ‘07 will bring her debut album, East Side Story. See for yourself.

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