DJ Dummy

Name: DJ Dummy
Location: New York, NY
Sample Track: Kim Hill – Right Now (Produced by DJ Dummy)
About DJ Dummy

Dummy is an unlikely name for a mastermind, yet DJ Dummy is definitely not a dummy when it comes to the turntables by any means. This Battle/Club/Concert DJ, as well as musical director and producer, grew up in Brooklyn. Growing up, he had the DJ influence all around him, through his father, brother, and cousins; it was inevitable that Dummy would be drawn to the turntables, and consequently he was djing by the age of 7. He has been on the turntables for more than half of his life; spinning since 1984 and djing professionally for the past 16 years.

In 1991, people took notice when this djing genius took the stage at the Supermen DJ Battle at the incredible age of 14. Hosting big names in the DJ battle circuit such as Mix Master Mike, Steve D, and DJ Eightball; the Supermen DJ Battle was a great accomplishment for a DJ. Dummy battled against his older brother and notable DJ, DJ LS1, who was proclaimed the winner of that battle. Yet Dummy’s remarkable performance established his name within the industry and jump-started his career. Over his career, this original member of the infamous Tape Kingz, has accomplished the following in the battle arena:

New York Regional DMC Champion 1998
American DMC Battle, Third Place 1998
Zulu Nation Battle Runner-Up 1996

DJ Dummy’s participation in DJ battles, made an impression within the hip-hop community and solidified the fact that he was a talent to be reckoned with. Over the years, his talent has opened many doors. He has a raw talent that is rarely seen and that can not be duplicated. Not only is he talented at the skill of djing, but he also has the uncanny ability to excite a crowd of any size. This ability has attracted many of hip-hop’s premier artists. These artists have observed Dummy’s flawless ability to recreate the skill of the DJ live on stage. Through the years, Dummy has worked closely in creating stage shows and/or djing tours and concerts for the following artists:

Common 1999- Present (Musical Director)
Talib Kweli 2002-Present (back Up DJ)
De La Soul 2005
Kanye West 2004
Musiq Soulchild 2004
Mos Def 2001
A+ 1999
DMX 1998-99
Onyx 1998-99
Das Efx 1998
All City 1998
Trigga tha Gambler 1996-98
Smoothe Da Hustler 1996-98
Group Home 1995-96

Its no surprise that DJ Dummy’s rare talent to excite any crowd, makes djing parties/clubs his favorite thing to do. Dummy analyzes and studies the crowd to understand their vibe; he has successfully made “turning the party out” a science. Throughout his solid career, Dummy has been spinning at various clubs in the US and abroad. He has done big parties for clients such as the NBA, L-R-G, and Ryan Kenny to name a few. On an international level, he has had his own solo tours, where he has created a major stir and name for himself in countries such as the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

Dummy is also experienced in working at commercial and college radio stations. Dummy has been a featured guest on:

XM Satellite Radio (Channel 67-The City)
Tim Westwood Show (London, Great Britain)
CW Post 88.1 (Long Island, NY)
WBAU 90.3 (Long Island, NY)
WNYU 89.1 (NYC)
WNWK 105.9 DNA’s Show (NYC)
88 Hip-Hop- On Line Radio
TSF La Radio 89.9 (France)
WCDB 90.3 (Albany, NY)
Sky Rock (France)
Nova Radio (France)
Choice FM (London, Great Britain)
Power 99 (Philadelphia, PA)

Dummy’s television appearances include:

2005 BET Award Pre-Show
The Chappelle Show
The Conan O’Brien Show
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Jimmy Kimmel Live
The Chris Rock Show (HBO)
DJ Mix Summit (MTV2)
106 & Park (BET)
Soul Train
Hard Rock Live (MTV)

DJ Dummy is a very humble person, who isn’t into the glitz and glamour of fame. He just loves his music and he doesn’t mind being in the background. He only wants his talents noticed and appreciated by all. Although he’s not into the limelight, he has not gone unnoticed, having been featured in magazines such as:

Vibe XXL
Scratch RER
Rap Sheets Rap Pages
Black Gold Wax Poetics

Other international magazines
Hip-Hop Online Magazines

DJ Dummy has been djing for a long time and has seen the development of djing as an art and occupation, yet DJs have been under appreciated and under managed. Under the belief that the DJ is the heart of hip-hop, Dummy saw a need, and in 1996 he started a company called 12 Inch Assassins. 12 Inch Assassins was created to provide the hip-hop community with the most talented DJs for parties, nightclubs, concert series, tours, studio production, lighting, and talent showcases.

Dummy has accomplished a great deal over his career and plans to do more. Now the talented DJ has added producer to his resume. He runs his own studio, Soul Source Studios and production company, Them Cats Productions.

Just like his unique talent on the turntables, he has brought that uniqueness to his music. He has been able to capture an innovative sound that he’s ready for the world to hear. When asked what are his goals, the modest DJ, says, “I technically accomplished everything I wanted to; toured the world, got married, had kids, and own a studio.” For the future Dummy wants to focus on producing and get his name out to public so that they can appreciate his talents. With the enormous amount of talent DJ Dummy’s possesses there is no question that every one will definitely know his name.

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