Dat Type of Gurl: rap’s new fatal attraction (with Rasheeda’s interview)

Dat Type of Gurl: rap’s new fatal attraction (with Rasheeda’s interview)

Female rappers are not very common on the scene. The male-dominant Hip Hop scene portrays feminine images as objects of beauty and admiration or as the cheap sexual objects. As a rapper an artist takes charge, passes their own images as they see fit. Breaking into the game is hard for anyone, especially for a beautiful and seemingly fragile young lady. R&B provides a genre of music for women to express themselves through singing. Straight up rapping thou is a different story.

Rasheedadoesn’t care too much about those preordained situations. She makes her own rules. Coming from Atlanta she’s been rapping since 1998, first as a part of a girl group and later going solo. 3 albums later she’s about to drop her 4th on June 19th and she’s never felt better. Doing work with everyone from Lil’ John to Petey Pablo to Niveashe’s making her own routes. One of the most beautiful girls in the rap game, she’s raising her son and polishing her skills, while touring all over the country and landing herself a new label deal.

As opposed to most other female rappers her songs talk about her life for her, not her image in the men’s eyes. Just listen to her single off of her last album, Georgia Peach. She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to say it. At times a bit dirty, at times suggestive, she brings up the themes of everyday life for a young girl having fun. Afterall most of her music is based on real life, not the wannabe aspirations. Her voice is smooth and balanced, her look is stunning, her flow engaging she is a gorgeous girl, but will hang with just about any guy. Named the Queen of Crunk she puts out 110% of herself every time.

On her new album, Dat Type of Gurl, she’s put together 8 new songs and remixed 8 old ones, off of her previous release. Her single Bubblegum already got a video. Her new label, Imperial Records (EMI), working hard on promoting her. Getting almost daily requests for TV appearances and music tours she feels pretty good. Songs with Young Joc are in the planning stages and she is really hoping to do work with Andre 3000.

I speak from my experiences in my life but I’m just an average independent black woman trying to make the right decisions and trying to raise the son and trying to be in the business.”

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