Cypress Hill at Rock the Bells (with Sen Dog interview)

Cypress Hill at Rock the Bells (with Sen Dog interview)

Cypress Hill has evolved through the years (2 decades to be exact) into much more than a band. It is a movement. It represents many beautiful things to people, uniting fans of music, fans of life and fans of real Hip Hop to represent that true feeling of Peace, Love and Unity that Afrika Bambaataa preaches. They also represent for more than a 100 million Latin residents of the US and many more abroad. They were the first Latin rap group to go Platinum and always remained proud and demonstrative of their heritage. B-Real, Sen Dog and DJ Muggs built the group into the single most popular and best-selling Latin rap band. Doing it together for the first 10 years they later had Eric Bobo join them to complete the now quartet of passionate, fun and entertaining musicians.

It would be silly to list the accomplishments and collaborations of CH. The list is too extensive for a page in encyclopedia and repetitive for a true fan. What matters is that that emotion they create in their followers. Exploding, entertaining, innovative music with constant music experimentations and mood swings present nothing short of one of the greatest music acts to ever grace a stage. They don’t need an introduction. They don’t need a well-laid out stage. They don’t even need an advance warning. They are always ready to bring their music to people the best way they know how. They only way music should be delivered. Straight from their hearts.

2007 marked somewhat of a phenomenal year for Cypress Hill. After more than 20 years in the game they achieved a new height. Rock the Bells festival series put them on stage with some of the greatest Hip Hop acts of all time. Wu-Tang Clan, Rage Against the Machine, Rakim, Nas, EPMD, Public Enemy, The Roots, Mos Def & Talib Kweli and many more took part in this year’s RTB concerts all over the country with Cypress Hill. Who got the most respect? Who got the greatest fan reaction? Who put on the best show? They all did. And Cypress Hill was there the way they always are: lock and loaded for fun and dope music.

Words truly fail to describe the feeling at that show. When Rakim and Flava Flav hugged for 3 minutes straight, when Rage shook the field filled with 40,000 fans, when Wu-Tang lined up on a massive stage and made it look small… the memories go on and on.

Last year B-Real shared his thoughts and his ideas with WORDSnTUNES. This year it was Sen Dog. Read it and see photos from one of the most phenomenal shows with Cypress Hill.

Dmitriy Goldin