Craig Derry

Name: Craig Derry
Location: New York, NY
Sample Track: Here I Am
About Craig Derry

The Voice behind the Voices is a double entendre for Craig Derry, the industry’s hottest Vocal Trainer. A vocalist himself, and a performance tested singer, who has worked all over the USA and the World for more than 40 years. Craig has not only sung background for some of the most revered entertainers in the music industry but he has also vocally trained them. Craig’s work as a vocalist, vocal producer and trainer spans across every genre of music: Emily King, Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige, Sean Kingston, Omarion, Marc Anthony, K7, La India, Brenda K. Star, Robert Clivilis (C&C Music Factory), George Leman, Ashanti, Lumi Dee, D’Angelo, SWV, Total, Lil’ Mo, Angie Stone, So For Real, Next, Missy Elliot’s: Torre Carter, Nicole Ray, Gina Thompson, Cherie Dennis, Mario Wynans, Tammy, Wyclef Jean’s: The Product, Glenn Lewis, Jimmy Cozier, Olivia, Teddy Riley, Blackstreet, Al B.Sure, Roc-A-Fella artist: Rell, Mowtown artist’s: Her Sanity, The Hansons, Benny Medina’s British boy band Northern Line, Regina Belle, Will Downing. Craig has also sung background for musical icons such as Mick Jagger and Michael Jackson.

His illustrious career includes working in various background ensembles with some of the great R & B power voices like Martha Wash, Kelly Price, Lisa Fisher, Melanie Daniels, Jennifer Holiday, Cindy Mizzelle, Audrey Wheeler and Brenda White-King.
This very enriched involvement with singers in all capacities through the years, even with legendary singers from the golden era of R&B Issac Hayes, Solomon Bruke, Etta James, Wilson Pickett, Ronnie Isley, Luther Ingram, Chuck Jackson and Linda Jones encompasses volumes of information passed on to fellow singers as Vocal Aerobics.

Over the years Craig has learned as do most singers that by training, working and adopting specific techniques, performers can minimize or eliminate those the obstacles and the extreme demands that the human voice incurs while touring. Obstacles like colds, fatigue, overt shyness, stage fright, hoarseness, and the overall rigors of the road are not impossible to overcome. As a result of Craig’s experiences and his witnessing of colleagues’ battle these obstacles, Craig has developed a new and unique teaching method that he has entitled, The Vocal Aerobics Program. Vocal Aerobics is a method of vocal training that pertains to the building of the diaphragm muscles that enable recording artists and all singers to perform with accuracy, confidence and consistency. The audiences that hear hit songs over the radio and see hit videos want to see these songs performed by their favorite artists. Artists must be prepared to deliver inspiring live shows, whether on T.V., or at clubs or in concerts.
Craig Derry has developed a regimented exercise program that has assisted both established artists and emerging artists in improving projection, breathing, ear training and endurance. Craig conducts his daily workshop Sunday thru Friday at Progressive Music Studios in the Film and Television Building located at 630 9th Ave @ West 44th Street, NYC.

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