C+C Music Factory circa 2009

C+C Music Factory circa 2009

The 90s was a god time for the music lovers. New groups kept on coming out and kept on setting unheard of records. The eras of the 70s and 80s music were over and with no trend to upkeep artists just brought their own genres to the new decade in music. C+C Music Factory was no exception. Their debut album went 5 times Platinum and then there was no stopping for a while. 7 number 1 hits, and headed by the producer for artists like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, they got in the fast lane and kept it going through their infectious, and by now legendary, songs.

With Freedom Williams as the emcee, they got their music driving club goers all over going nuts. Gonna Make You Sweat, Keep It Comin’, Things That Make You Go Hmmm and others rocked the dancehalls like very few groups ever did. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Bodyguard, their imprint was felt in Hollywood as well.

So, what of it now? Where is C+C Music Factory and Freedom Williams in 2009? Sylvia Tosun’s indy record label, Sea to Sun Recordings, became the platform for a number of electronica artists and Freedom found a home there as well. Mindbounce was released through this label and a slew of performances with Sylvia and Freedom/C+C took place in places like the House of Blues in AC, Winter Music Conference in Miami and clubs in cities all over the US and abroad. Unlike many of the artists, circa 90s fame, Freedom Williams continued to make new music, continued to give to the music fans and continued to dedicate his efforts to what he knows best: making people dance and have fun.

At Sylvia Tosun’s album release party in New York, at Nikki Beach, C+C Music Factory put on a 40+ minute set of music, with hits from before and the songs of today. Thumping presence literally filling the club along with the familiar notes, the group, with Freedom at the helm, reminded why records are not only set, but also kept.

Dmitriy Goldin