Location: New York, NY

Singer/Songwriter Brianna Colette is not your average singer/songwriter. She is also a model, actress and dancer. She currently has a commercial for Bermuda Tourism running, and can be found on the 24 oz. bottle of Lipton Brisk Ice Tea. Brianna has been seen in nationally televised commercials, including a Diet Pepsi Super Bowl commercial with Sean “P-Diddy” Combs, on billboards, in print ads, hosting red-carpet events and premieres, and on network television. To join the journey, simply turn on her music.

Brianna is extremely driven and determined to get what she wants. She knows that anything is possible and is very optimistic about her career. She is currently looking for management and a record label. Her music is best described as Melodic new age funk inspired by Sade, Lauren Hill and Billy Holiday with a twist of Pop. Put all that together and you’ve got an audio bliss.

This spicy Creole creation of French, Black, Italian, Spanish and Cherokee Indian heritages, was born in Nashville, TN. She began entertaining at the age of seven at family functions where she would force her way into every family photo possible. Upon graduating high school she moved to Virginia, and on her 18th birthday Brianna was introduced to the world of B-Boys and break dancing. She began performing with a local D.C. break dance crew, and when Brianna’s group was asked to perform at Howard University, little did she know it would be a life-altering event turning her childhood passions into a career.

Brianna was scouted by a local modeling agent and was asked to participate in the fashion showcase at the University. This recognition and opportunity sparked a realization in Brianna that her dreams were closer than she thought. As dancing lead her to modeling, modeling then opened the doors for her to break into acting, and it didn’t stop there. In the Hip Hop scene of Washington, D.C. and VA, she was introduced to all elements of Hip Hop. While hanging out in the studio with her boys she was asked one night to get on the mic and freestyle. Everyone was blown away at her skill to freestyle songs over Hip Hop tracks. That was the creation of Brianna Colette. A true “triple-threat,” Brianna felt as though nothing could stop her, and she began putting her creativity and thoughts down on paper, writing original music. While spending some time working and developing her sound in Los Angeles, Brianna trained with renowned vocal instructor Nick Cooper (Beyonce, Mario, Vanessa Williams). She is currently living in New York City where she has been performing and putting together a band.



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