Name: APT

Location: 419 W 13th St

New York, NY

About APT

Meatpacking district had it coming. After the all the fake spots where your shoes won’t be fly enough and you can’t get in unless you got 1 guy/2-3 girl ratio, APT delivers. Slightly hidden on an otherwise non-club block it offers the grandeur of one of the hippest spots in NYC. Downstairs you will find everyone from Afrika Bambaataa to Bobitto spinning and upstairs you will get a large spacious room full of comfy couches and even a large outside smoking area. All that and no BS at the door, $10 cover and the only thing that’ll remind you that you’re in a commercial spot will be cleanliness of the place. They even got a menu, in case you wanna munch or sit down and eat.


419 W 13th St

New York, NY 10014-1104

Phone: (212) 414-4245