Akon’s Brick & Lace

Akon’s Brick & Lace

Akon has been turning water into wine and walking on water as far as music is concerned. So when he starts a label and his first signee is a girl duet from Jamaica, it makes you look a bit harder. Yes, Brick and Lacegirls are very raw, very authentic, very real, absolutely gorgeous. What else is there thou? The two girls have beautiful voices, mixing from angelic-like intonations to playful tones full of flirt to just confident full voices of natural born singers.

People look at a brand new group and wonder what it is like to all of a sudden be in a spotlight, touring all over the world and making great money doing what they love. What is it like? It’s a fantastic feeling and an impressive accomplishment. 2 girls, who have the feel, the looks and the demeanor or a girl you fell in love with are giving you what that girl failed to give. They are giving you their lives. Their passion and their love is music. They share it with everyone and manage to stay genuinely excited about the outcome.

Well-rehearsed choreography on stage with a group of dancers, voices that sound live just the way you get it off of an album and impeccable looks all make their shows fantastic entertainment.

Coming straight from Jamaica, these girls are just as at home on any stage, whether in New York or San Francisco or Canada. And just to make sure everyone gets to know them they have 36 shows in the next month and a half. Their debut album already got single of the week on iTunes and they got a breathtaking video to go with it.

Seldom do new acts come out of the gates with this much grace, professionalism and talent. Do we have the new Destiny Child or similar? No, it’s Brick and Lace. The one and only. Need someone to second that positive review? Just ask Akon.